Multiple Voices And Repeats

You can create multiple voices in your LilyPond files using the \new Voice command:

Pluma Screenshot 1

Shown above is the new voice for "violinOne". You can then enter the dynamics for that voice as shown above.

Pluma Screenshot 2

Repeats can be made with the \repeat command. volta 2 plays the music in the volta twice. The \alternative command determines the alternative endings of the repeat. Here the first block of music in \alternative is the first ending and the second block of music is the second ending.

By using \new Voice for each instrument, you can create a string quartet for example:

Pluma Screenshot 3 Pluma Screenshot 4 Pluma Screenshot 5

You can create the score and MIDI file using one block, in my example I used "music". Then you use the \score command twice on that same block, one for the score and one for the MIDI file:

Pluma Screenshot 6